Alonso USGP result reinstated as Haas protest disallowed

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Alonso USGP result reinstated as Haas protest disallowed

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Alonso USGP result reinstated as Haas protest disallowed


Fernando Alonso has been reinstated in seventh place in the United States Grand Prix after a successful right of review was lodged by Alpine against a Haas protest.

In a bizarre development, Alpine’s original protest was dismissed as it was informed there was no avenue in the regulations to lodge a protest against a previous stewards’ decision. Alpine had been wanting to argue that Haas should not have been allowed to lodge a protest itself at Circuit of The Americas as it did so 24 minutes after the deadline stated in the International Sporting Code (ISC).

However, while that protest was dismissed, the stewards informed Alpine the correct method would be to request a “right of review” if it believed it had a significant and relevant piece of new evidence that was not available to it at the time of the original decision.

Alpine duly did so, and successfully argued that at the time the Haas protest was deemed admissible it was not aware Haas made its submission after the deadline, nor that it had been told by race control it had one hour to do so rather than the 30 minutes mandated by the ISC.

That meant a further hearing was held to proceed with a review of the protest being admitted, and Alpine was then able to convince the stewards that it was not impossible for Haas to submit its protest within the original 30-minute window.

“Of significant importance is the fact, unknown to the Stewards previously, that Haas could have lodged a hand-written protest within the 30-minute deadline. By definition, this fact alone means that it was not ‘impossible’ to lodge the protest within 30 minutes and therefore the original protest should not have been admitted.”

The outcome is the Haas protest is declared null and void, cancelling Alonso’s 30-second time penalty and reinstating him in seventh place ahead of Sebastian Vettel, Kevin Magnussen and Yuki Tsunoda.

However, the stewards added their concern that Alonso “was permitted to remain on track with a mirror assembly hanging loose which finally fell off and strongly recommends procedures be put in place to monitor such matters.” It was also noted that the FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem has initiated a review into the wider use of the black and orange flag.

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