Ericsson takes his place on the Borg-Warner Trophy

Scott LePage/BorgWarner

Ericsson takes his place on the Borg-Warner Trophy


Ericsson takes his place on the Borg-Warner Trophy


One month after sculptor William Behrends had Marcus Ericsson sitting in his Tryon, North Carolina studio, the new Indianapolis 500 winner’s likeness has been added to the iconic Borg-Warner trophy.

“I’m truly honored to have my face sculpted onto the historic Borg-Warner Trophy as an Indianapolis 500 winner,” said Ericsson. “It was an incredible experience to work with Will Behrends and see his dedication and artistry firsthand. Will has done a marvelous job. Today is a very special day for me, as well as everyone at Chip Ganassi Racing. Joining all the previous winners on the trophy is something I’ll always be very proud of and will never forget.”

After Thursday’s revealing, the next stop on the 5’-5”, 110-pound trophy’s never-ending tour is a visit to Ericsson’s native Sweden.

Scott LePage/Borg-Warner

“The Borg-Warner Trophy represents much more than just a victory on the racetrack, it symbolizes the great tradition of the Indy 500 and honoring the driver for their triumph while paying homage to the champions of the past,” said Michelle Collins, BorgWarner’s global marketing and PR director. “It is our honor to add Marcus’ image to the trophy and, together as a company, congratulate him on his countless hours of work and dedication to his craft.”

Walt Kuhn/Borg-Warner