Lindh returning to Indy Lights with HMD

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Lindh returning to Indy Lights with HMD

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Lindh returning to Indy Lights with HMD


One of Sweden’s strongest young drivers is making a return to Indy Lights as Rasmus Lindh has signed to drive for HMD Motorsports with Dale Coyne Racing. A runner-up in USF2000 in 2018 and in Indy Pro 2000 the following year, Lindh moved to Indy Lights late in the 2021 season with Juncos Racing before spending most of 2022 competing in IMSA and searching for sponsorship.

“When the opportunity to Join HMD Motorsports came, it was a pretty easy decision for myself and the team I have around me,” Lindh said. “A huge thank you to GarageXYZ, Peter Miller, Stefan Johansson, and every single person I have in my corner. I am happy to be back, and I will not disappoint!

“The goal has always been IndyCar, and sometimes there is a direct path, and sometimes you must take an alternate route. I am happy to be back and am ready to get to work for myself, my team, and my partners.”

HMD Motorsports GM Mike Maurini and team owner Henry Malukas continue to stack their program with immense talent after winning the 2022 Indy Lights title with Lindh’s countryman Linus Lundqvist.

“Rasmus was a part of HMD Motorsports in our 2020 preseason test program and performed well, topping the charts on multiple occasions including the series test at Sebring in December,” Maurini said. “He is a driver you want in your program rather than racing against your program. With experience in the Road to Indy, Rasmus has a real shot at taking his talents to IndyCar in 2024.”