Podcast interview: SRX's Don Hawk

Podcast interview: SRX's Don Hawk


Podcast interview: SRX's Don Hawk


Don Hawk is the CEO of SRX, and here he offers some insights on the business side of racing and what is coming for the series, including:

• Debriefing on the second season of SRX and Hawk’s first with the group

• The decision to leave Speedway Motorsports and SRX not being on the radar but quickly developing

• How SRX is a new challenge in business

• What Hawk wanted to do coming into SRX compared to how the season played out

• Having a long-term vision for SRX and now having the resources to do so

• SRX’s relationship with NASCAR and other series

• The 1 million TV viewers mark

• Hawk’s background including the Earnhardts, Speedway Motorsports, NASCAR, and Alan Kulwicki

• Building trust to be successful in business

• Having a relationship with drivers being an advantage on the business side

• If there is concern the shine will wear off SRX

• If there is anything else to be added to his plate

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