Local police issue plea to prevent British GP track invasion protest

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Local police issue plea to prevent British GP track invasion protest

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Local police issue plea to prevent British GP track invasion protest


Northamptonshire Police have issued a plea to protestors after “receiving credible intelligence” that there is a planned track invasion during the British Grand Prix on race day.

In a statement issued on Twitter that the police force wants to reach as many people as possible, it was claimed a protest is planned that could involve people entering the live track during the race. Northamptonshire Police say they are willing to work with the protestors to facilitate a more peaceful demonstration but warn how dangerous any track invasion could be.

“We have received credible intelligence that a group of protestors are planning to disrupt the event and possibly invade the track on race day,” Event Commander Chief Inspector Tom Thompson said. “First of all, I want to appeal directly to this group of people and strongly urge you to not put yourselves, the drivers, as well as the many marshals, volunteers and members of the public, at risk.

“Going onto a live racetrack is extremely dangerous — if you go ahead with this reckless plan you are jeopardizing lives.

“Protesting is of course everyone’s human right in this country and we are more than happy to speak with you to help you facilitate a peaceful protest at the circuit, we just please ask that you do not create a situation that puts lives in danger.”

Thompson added that there are further security measures being implemented but has called on the crowd — expected to number 400,000 in attendance over the weekend — to help police the event too.

“We are very experienced in the policing of this event, having done so over a number of years but let me make this clear — this doesn’t make us complacent. The security measures we have put in place are as stringent as ever and anyone thinking of taking advantage of the race weekend to commit a crime will be caught.

“Finally, I would just appeal to members of the public to be extra vigilant and to make us aware of anything you see during the race weekend that doesn’t look right. We would rather get a well-meaning report that turns out to be nothing, than not receive one at all.

“If you see or suspect anything suspicious, please report it to a member of the police or security.”