Steiner admits Haas can’t afford more $1m repair bills

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Steiner admits Haas can’t afford more $1m repair bills

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Steiner admits Haas can’t afford more $1m repair bills


Guenther Steiner says Haas is not at risk of exceeding the budget cap due to Mick Schumacher’s latest crashes, but the team still can’t sustain repeats of its estimated $1million repair bill from Monaco.

Schumacher missed the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix after a heavy crash in qualifying, and then his car ripped in two when he hit the barrier hard at the Swimming Pool in Monaco. Both incidents cost Haas in the region of $1million, and Steiner says finding that sort of excess money is going to require compromises across the team.

“The budget cap is not the problem, the budget is the problem!” Steiner said. “Obviously this is never good and the additional problem we have got now is just the speed to keep up to make parts is getting more and more difficult. Dallara works day and night to get the spares that we can keep going.

“The money is always an issue as you have to pay, but the issue was to have enough parts made because production can only do so much. You don’t have five molds for fairings you have got one mold and if you keep on making them it takes time.

“It was a challenge. Dallara did a good job, suspension-wise Ferrari helped us out because we are running low on suspension as well, because they cannot keep up making it. Otherwise, as I always say with the budget, something else has to give – you cannot keep on spending money you haven’t got.

“Everything (has to give) a little bit. There is not one thing that has to be sacrificed. And we are early in the season, so you can still hope you can make savings somewhere else. But if you continue like this, you run out of time and money to make these savings.”

Although Steiner has made Schumacher aware of the situation, he also says the German knows that he needs to avoid such costly errors, even if the actual figures of between $1-1.5m surprised him.

“We spoke about it, but I don’t go into explaining him how much or how I need to run the team,” Steiner said. “I think he knows that this is not good for the team. If I would have explained that to him, I think he shouldn’t be here.

“Obviously he sees what is damaged and he reads what you guys write and he goes, ‘Oh, is it really this amount of money?’ and I said, ‘I don’t know as I haven’t said it, it’s an estimation.’ Yeah, it is this amount of money, as these people know what they’re writing about.”

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