Perez keeps Monaco GP win as Ferrari protests rejected

Zak Mauger/Motorsport Images

Perez keeps Monaco GP win as Ferrari protests rejected

Sergio Perez has kept his victory in the Monaco Grand Prix after Ferrari’s protests against both Red Bull drivers were rejected.

Ferrari claimed both Perez and Max Verstappen crossed the pit exit line and therefore were in breach of the race director’s notes, with the championship leader having appeared closer to doing so than race winner Perez. A protest against each car was lodged in the hour after the race finished and Red Bull summoned, but nearly four hours after the race the stewards rejected Ferrari’s claims and the result confirmed.

“All parties agreed that Car 1 (Verstappen) did have part of its front left and rear left tire on the left side of the yellow line,” the stewards’ decision read. “All parties agreed that most of the left front and left rear tires of that car remained on the yellow line.

“(The International Sporting Code) stipulates that at the pit exit a car ‘must not cross’ the line … In this case, the car did not ‘cross’ the line — to do so it would have needed to have a full wheel to the left of the yellow line.”

In Perez’s case, the footage showed that he didn’t have any part of his car over the yellow line, something Ferrari accepted, rendering the protest “unfounded.”

As a result, Perez keeps his win and Verstappen stays third.

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