IndyCar job portal remains open

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IndyCar job portal remains open


IndyCar job portal remains open


Six months after it went live, the NTT IndyCar Series’ online job portal continues to serve its purpose by linking employment candidates with the teams in its paddock.

The volume of applications being received have slowed a bit since the site appeared in November, but six months later, IndyCar President Jay Fry says the portal remains an important resource for job seekers and the teams in search of promising talent.

“I think every team has used it as some point and a couple say they look frequently to find new applications that came in,” Frye told RACER.

Ed Carpenter Racing team president Tim Broyles says one new addition to the team has been a real success story.

“The portal is a great idea,” he said. “It’s so hard to find good people. It’s harder to find people who want to work in racing and finding the combination of youth and experience is even hard. We hired somebody who applied through the portal while going through a vocational school, and if I could find five more like him, I’d hire them today.”

If there’s been one slight drawback with the portal, it’s been the lack of experience or aptitude teams are looking for. Every team told RACER they make use of the portal but in most instances, they continue to wait for applicants who are capable of diving in at the deep end. Among the hundreds and hundreds of applications, a modest number have made it through to the interview phase.

“The kid we hired, he’s 21 years old — he’s currently doing wings and bodywork for us, but has picked up the mechanical side of things. We’ve put him on the pit crew changing a tire, and he’s rising quickly,” Broyles noted. “We hope to find more people through the portal with mechanical capabilities that we can develop right away.”

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