Audi, Porsche confirm F1 interest

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Audi, Porsche confirm F1 interest

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Audi, Porsche confirm F1 interest


The Volkswagen Group has confirmed its plans to enter Formula 1 with both the Audi and Porsche brands but will wait to make a final decision until the 2026 power unit rules are finalized.

Both brands have shown an interesting in joining F1 as either power unit manufacturers or full constructors in the past, with the main expectation now being that they will serve as engine suppliers rather than taking over a team completely. The VW board met on Thursday in Wolfsburg and confirmed F1 is on the agenda, but that details are yet to be finalized.

“The management and supervisory boards of Volkswagen AG, Porsche AG and AUDI AG have confirmed plans for a possible entry into Formula 1 by the two brands. The Audi and Porsche brands will provide details later,” a VW spokesperson said.

Porsche has been linked with a Red Bull tie-up for a number of years and appears close to an agreement, but according to Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport there is now uncertainty over Audi’s partnership. McLaren had been the favorite but AMuS reports that deal is now unlikely to happen, with Sauber topping the list ahead of Williams and Aston Martin.

“This gives our company the opportunity to demonstrate the motto ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ [ED: ‘lead by technology] in the pinnacle of motorsport from 2026,” the VW statement added. “We have not yet made a formal decision, as we are currently in the final evaluation phase. At the moment, the new regulations for 2026 and beyond are not yet available.

“It will bring about profound changes to make the sport more sustainable, which is a prerequisite for Audi’s possible entry. Audi Sport is in direct discussion with the International Automobile Federation (FIA) on this matter. Our decision will be announced as soon as it is made.”