Professors of Precision

Professors of Precision

The Dodge//SRT Charger’s rear tires are wailing, there seems to be enough counter-steer for the oversteer, and yet the famed Radford Racing School skid car finally decides to whip fully around. You sit quietly as the dust settles, searching for answers to the questions bouncing through your mind. Was that too much steering input or not enough? What about the throttle? Then, before you contemplate too deeply, you hear a voice: “Where were your eyes looking?” your instructor asks.

And at that moment, you snicker because that seemingly simple question makes you realize the absolute importance of looking where you want the car to go.

A racing instructor’s driving pedigree is a crucial factor at a racing school. It’s essential for them to command the very competencies they are trying to teach. In addition, an effective instructor has the ability to share detailed information and to spur its absorption within a limited timetable.

“Big mistakes are easy to see, but experienced instructors can see even the small details that might be a little tougher to spot,” says Radford Racing School’s chief instructor Danny Bullock.

Chief instructor Danny Bullock took his first racing class at the age of 14. He began his career with the school in 1998 and has been an Instructor since 2000.

With 144 years of high-performance driving instruction experience among the full-time team, Radford Racing School boasts the ability to shorten the timeline for a driver to gain needed experience and knowledge, no matter which course they choose.

“We have seen everything at this point – from teens to pro drivers,” Bullock continues. “With the depth of experience we have, we are able to see mistakes much quicker. The faster you see a problem, the faster you can correct it.”

The team is continually evolving and adapting its methodologies to meet the needs of aspiring drivers. It’s a commitment that offers students the best possible outcome from their Radford Racing School experience.

“We tell drivers they won’t completely master the techniques we teach in the time they are here, but the foundation will be solid and sets them up for success as they move forward.” The school encourages progressive classes to continue the mastery – from one-day to multiple-day courses, and on to higher-level, advanced training.

Founded in 1968, Radford Racing School is the largest purpose-built driver training facility of its kind in North America and the Official High Performance Driving School of Dodge//SRT. At the heart of the 450-acre racing facility in Chandler, Ariz., is a 1.6-mile, 15-turn track, along with three additional road courses and an NHRA drag strip. Whether you’re a pro driver or never turned a wheel on a track, the Radford Racing School offers a world-class experience.

Plan ahead… Because Phoenix’s ideal fall, winter and spring weather attracts many visitors and events to the area, be sure to book your trip well in advance and be aware of big events that can make it more expensive to visit. The school’s prices don’t change with the seasons, but airfare and accommodations at the hotels nearby may fluctuate.

Beat the heat… 115-degree Arizona heat might seem unbearable, but air-conditioned Dodge//SRT Hellcats, plenty of water breaks, and the generous amounts of driving tend to take your mind off the outside temperature. Classrooms are also air conditioned.

Call for more info… Simply call to ask for deals on particular classes. Asking questions is highly encouraged at Radford Racing School, so start the conversation to get the information you need. You can book and check availability on the website, but that personal touch is always available to help you evaluate the best fit for your skills, or your visit with a group, or for your teen/new driver.

Follow Radford Racing School Online… New classes, such as drag and drift, events at the school, including car shows, Radford Rides, and open track times (when you bring your own car), plus occasional discounts are promoted on social media in real time. You can also see when your favorite celebs, pro athletes and racers are visiting.

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