Miller's Mailbag to return next week

Miller's Mailbag to return next week


Miller's Mailbag to return next week


Dear RACER family,

A few weeks ago, when we announced that Mailbag was being parked indefinitely so that Robin could focus all of his energy on his health, we weren’t sure whether it would return. Well, now the picture is a little more clear – and we’re beyond thrilled to announce that Robin’s mailbox is once again open for business. The aim is to stick as closely to the traditional weekly schedule as possible, although we hope you’ll understand if there are occasions where the Mailbag takes a week off.

Please send your questions to the usual address: And on behalf of Robin and the entire RACER team, thank you once again for the overwhelming support over the past month and a half.

It’s been seven weeks since we last ran a Mailbag. Now it’s time to make Wednesdays feel normal again.