Russell bracing for a wait on Mercedes driver decision

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Russell bracing for a wait on Mercedes driver decision

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Russell bracing for a wait on Mercedes driver decision


George Russell expects a decision to be made on his future during Formula 1’s mid-season break, but warns that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be communicated immediately.

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff has already said he will make a choice between Russell and Valtteri Bottas to partner Lewis Hamilton in 2022 during the break that follows this weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix. While Russell is expecting that timeline to be followed, he says Mercedes making a decision and the outcome being announced are two different things.

“There will be a decision made over the summer break. Whether anything will be announced with regards to my future, that’s another topic,” Russell said. “These things are never an easy process for any driver and any team regardless if they’re moving or staying with the same team. There’s always a lengthy process.

“I am confident there will be a decision made in the summer, but when will that be announced? Who knows? All I am focused on is going out and having fun this weekend and trying to score some points.”

Wolff praised Bottas’ teamwork at Silverstone, and Russell said he would follow a similar approach if racing for Mercedes.

“My ambitions and goals are incredibly clear – I want to become a Formula 1 champion, but I would never put my own agenda or my own goals above the teams, no matter who my teammate is,” he said. “That’s the same at Williams now.

“I would never do anything to hurt my relationship with my teammate, and I recognize that to be able to achieve your own goals you need the team to be operating on all cylinders, and that team spirit and dynamic needs to be at the top of its game to just be able to achieve the team’s objective. If the team achieves, then as a driver you’ve got a shot. But as I said, I’d never put my own agenda or goals above the team’s.”

Russell insisted he is not letting himself get too caught up in the speculation about his future, and that he is relaxed about the prospect of being so close to finding out what Mercedes will do.

“It’s business as usual, to be honest,” he said. “Very relaxed about everything. What will be will be, one way or another and everything in the long run has a way of working out for the best. Every single situation I try and take in my stride, and I never believe in good luck or bad luck. You get what you deserve, and you get out of life what you put into it.

“My aspirations and goals are clear: I want to become a world champion and I want to find myself in the car that will give me the best opportunity to achieve that. But with regards to the summer break, just going to enjoy it.

“It’s been a very intense start to the year, it’s going to be a very intense second half of the year. My number one goal is performing on track and to do that it’s important to… I’ve got one week away training, the other week will probably be five days of holiday. Just making the most of that you need to recharge the batteries.”

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