Audi and Porsche joining F1 engine meeting in Austria

Sam Bloxham/Motorsport Images

Audi and Porsche joining F1 engine meeting in Austria

Formula 1

Audi and Porsche joining F1 engine meeting in Austria


Audi and Porsche will join a meeting of Formula 1’s engine manufacturers to discuss the future of the sport’s power unit regulations.

New power units are set to be introduced in 2025 — one year earlier than originally planned as a result of the current engines being frozen from next season — and discussions have been ongoing for some time about the potential different avenues the sport could take.

After an F1 Commission meeting in February, some key objectives for the next power unit regulations were outlined which were:

• Environmental sustainability and social and automotive relevance
• Fully sustainable fuel
• Creating a powerful and emotive power unit
• Significant cost reduction
• Attractiveness to new power unit manufacturers

Soon after that announcement, Porsche’s vice president of motorsport Fritz Enzinger — who is also coordinating the motorsport activities of the Volkswagen Group — suggested the new direction is attractive to both Porsche and Audi.

Enzinger was present in Austria last weekend during the Styrian Grand Prix, and while he told RACER that the visit was purely a social one for him, both Porsche and Audi will have a presence in the next meeting on Saturday. Honda will not be present due to its impending departure from F1, with Red Bull represented as it has set up its own power unit department, while the other current manufacturers Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault will also be involved in the discussions.

No major decisions are expected to come from the meeting, with a final specification of power unit not likely to be outlined this early, partly to avoid one manufacturer getting a major advantage and dominating to the same extent Mercedes did when the V6 turbo hybrids were first introduced in 2014.