This is not Robin Miller’s Mailbag

This is not Robin Miller’s Mailbag

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This is not Robin Miller’s Mailbag


Dear Mailbaggers,

I’m not Robin Miller. This is not the Mailbag.

Robin’s still taking some time off, which means that Mailbag remains on pause this week. Please keep sending your questions to the usual address, and Robin will answer them when normal service resumes. Until then, the following remain impermeable Mailbag truths:

• IndyCar needs to sort out a new NBC deal.

• If you haven’t paid to attend an oval race other than Indianapolis since 1998, you’re ineligible to write letters complaining about the slow demise of ovals.

• Wow, Little Hertamania.

• We’re not going back to Cleveland, Milwaukee, Chicagoland, Michigan or Baltimore, and probably not Phoenix or Pocono.

• Mosport would be cool but would need a lot of work.

• Why would O’Ward want to race in F1?

• IndyCar needs to do something about its purse because right now the only way some smaller teams are staying afloat is by winning local pie baking contests.

• Herk. Doesn’t matter what the question is.

On behalf of the RACER family, thanks for your support, and we look forward to delivering a new edition of the Mailbag to go with your Wednesday morning coffee soon.

In the meantime, we invite you to identify the image below: driver, team, track, year.


Mark Glendenning

Let me guess: Heikki Kovalainen, Panther Racing, Bathurst, 2019. Image courtesy Marshall Pruett archive