MAVTV Plus: Live racing in your pocket

MAVTV Plus: Live racing in your pocket

The name has changed, and much remains the same, but it goes well beyond a simple rebranding. LucasOilRacing.TV has become MAVTV Plus, and is now part of a three-pronged approach to providing motorsports fans with live race broadcasts, replays, and produced automotive and motorsports shows.

The Lucas Oil-owned MAVTV remains the traditional cable and satellite network; MAVTV Select is the ad-supported streaming service available on some platforms; and MAVTV Plus is the subscription-based streaming service available through a wide range of platforms and devices.

“There is more going on beyond the name change,” explains Dave Wonser, Lucas Oil vice president of Brand Development. “Part of it has to do with aligning all our media properties under the MAVTV umbrella.”

With multiple live events every week – everything from POWRi Lucas Oil National Midgets (ABOVE) to the Pro Pulling League – MAVTV Plus is a must-see for race fans.

More of it has to do with providing more live content, including the entire season of the popular Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series. Previously they offered live streaming and/or broadcast of less than half of the races; now all of the events are streamed across MAVTV Plus, adding to live coverage of the Lucas Oil Chili Bowl and, as recent additions, the POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget League and the Midwest Drag Racing Series.

“With things changing in the industry, such as the growing trend of cord-cutting and surprises like NBC Sports deciding to close up shop in favor of streaming, we feel like we’ve got a good, well-rounded offering,” says Wonser. “MAVTV Plus offers more than 175 live-streamed races this year, some co-broadcast with the linear network, MAVTV.

The Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series (ABOVE) is the premier national touring sanctioning body for dirt late models. The intense action provided by its big fields of 800hp, V8-powered racecars has proved a hit on the MAVTV Plus platform.

“I’d say by far the most popular offering is the Late Model Dirt Series; we’re definitely pulling the biggest audiences off that content. We’re also offering a lot more highlights and expanded coverage of those events as well. We’re trying to make the offering a little more robust. But the primary driver of subscriptions to the app is live racing coverage.

“There are so many races that in the past it wouldn’t have made sense to do a full-blown television production for, but the technology has gotten better and the costs have come down quite a bit, so the capabilities we have now to put on a quality broadcast from, in reality, anywhere in the country have really improved tremendously.”

But like every streaming service, it’s not just live content that’s available. The archive of race replays, post-produced coverage of motorsports events, and produced automotive and motorsports reality shows is now at more than 4,500 videos – including everything from AMA Arenacross, to Best in the Desert off-road racing, to Loretta Lynn’s Amateur Motocross Championship – the latter highlighting Lucas Oil’s and MAVTV’s continued commitment to grassroots motorsports.

“We want to work with series to help develop their audiences,” explains Wonser. “Some levels of racing have a lot of amateur content that would never see the light of day on television. We can actually do a deeper dive and gain some fans that may want to come out and participate. I think we’re a little different from other networks that are carrying motorsports. Because we’re independent and we’re involved in owning and operating our own race series, I think we understand things on a different level and can bring more exposure to help the growth of the series we work with overall.”

The march of technology has not only made it possible to see events live that previously one would only have been able to read about days later; it’s made the ways of watching those events more diverse. MAVTV has three options for watching much of its content to suit the needs of its audiences.

MAVTV is the traditional cable and satellite network, offering viewers a schedule of live racing events, post-produced live-to-tape-style coverage of races, and produced shows. Much of the post-produced content is available on MAVTV Select, an ad-supported free streaming service available on Samsung TV Plus and ROKU.

But for the ultimate live racing viewing experience, the subscription based MAVTV Plus offers more than 175 live racing events, in addition to a huge archive of previously-aired events and the produced shows.

“We’re trying to come up with something for everyone,” says Lucas Oil vice president of Brand Development Dave Wonser. “We want to be dynamic, and to constantly evolve and improve the experience for race fans.”

MAVTV Plus is the home of the most extensive live and on-demand grassroots motorsports programming available today. Find out more at