Perez shrugs off Aston Martin’s ‘extreme driving style’ jibe

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Perez shrugs off Aston Martin’s ‘extreme driving style’ jibe

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Perez shrugs off Aston Martin’s ‘extreme driving style’ jibe


Sergio Perez refused to enter into a war of words with Aston Martin after his former team’s technical director described his driving style as extreme.

In discussing Sebastian Vettel’s arrival, Andy Green said the German has a less extreme style than Perez, who has an approach that was “very difficult to get right at all tracks”, and “shone on certain tracks and not on others”.

Asked if that was a fair assessment, Perez replied simply that his style has proved successful in the past while acknowledging the need to keep developing.

“Well, I think thanks to that ‘extreme driving’, we managed to get a lot of points!” Perez said. “In a way, I think it helped us a lot in the past. And I just have to keep improving every year, try to make it more complete.

“With every car, you’re going to be adapting yourself. So it has to be very specific on which aspect, where you pick it up. With ‘extreme’ comes in a lot of things. Who knows.”

Comparing the Racing Point he drove last year to this year’s Red Bull RB16B, Perez says he is excited by what he can achieve once he gets comfortable.

“They’re obviously very different in many aspects – the way you drive each of the cars is very different. So you have to adapt to a different car, to a different style. But … this car has potential in it. And once I get on top of the car, we should be looking good.

“After five races, once we go through very different races, different conditions, you understand the car, the team, a lot better. Five races, proper races, should be good.”

Given the fact Mercedes struggled with the windy conditions during pre-season testing, Perez also says Red Bull has reason to be optimistic about the strengths of its car heading into the first race.

“I’ve driven in very difficult conditions with the wind around Bahrain. I’m pleased where the car is, I think there is definitely good potential in it. And there’s obviously good areas to focus on, to try to improve them. But the overall picture, it’s a positive one.”