Definitely my best pre-season at Red Bull - Verstappen

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Definitely my best pre-season at Red Bull - Verstappen

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Definitely my best pre-season at Red Bull - Verstappen


This weekend has “definitely” been Max Verstappen’s best pre-season with Red Bull, but he warns the strong pace does not guarantee a competitive performance come the first race.

Verstappen set the fastest lap and completed the most mileage on the opening day, and followed that up with the fastest time again on Sunday evening when he rounded off running for Red Bull. Last year saw a number of spins in testing but this pre-season has appeared far more smooth and Verstappen admits he feels in good shape for the opening round in Bahrain.

“Yeah definitely I think it has been the best (pre-season),” Verstappen said. “But that doesn’t give you any guarantees, so we’ll find out throughout the first race weekend where we are.

“I guess everyone is (excited) now. I personally find the race weekend more interesting, but of course these days need to be done to understand the car better. So I’m just looking forward to it.”

There were a number of quick laps on Sunday from Verstappen as he ended up setting the pace on the C4 tire compound but was notably fast on the harder C4, and he says the main source of encouragement was the way the car reacts to adjustments.

“It was all right — we did our program and of course compared to my first day the conditions were quite a bit different so we had to adjust the car a little bit towards that. I think from our side just very smooth and happy with the progress all throughout the whole test.

“We always look into what we can improve and there are some things we want to work on but I guess every team has that.

“There are a lot of changes as well made with the floor, so it’s always a bit difficult (to know if last year’s weaknesses have been addressed). You know that you would lose a bit of downforce with this floor but so far it has been quite a stable car, so that’s nice.”

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