Stroll praises Stroll for Aston Martin overhaul

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Stroll praises Stroll for Aston Martin overhaul

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Stroll praises Stroll for Aston Martin overhaul


Lance Stroll believes his father has done an incredible job saving the former Force India team and hopes he gets credit for the work to rebrand it as Aston Martin.

Lawrence Stroll led a consortium that purchased the Force India assets in the summer of 2018 when the team was in danger of folding, renaming it Racing Point and investing heavily to position it for a rebuild. Since then he has become chairman of Aston Martin and renamed the F1 team to promote the car brand, which his son Lance believes has been an extremely impressive achievement.

“I don’t know how people perceive it, but over the last two years, watching it first hand, has been unbelievable,” Stroll said of his father’s work. “How he’s put this project together with Aston Martin and how it’s transformed the team is so incredible.

“He’s just got an incredible vision, and he’s had it since day one, and as an example we went from a team that qualified 17th and 18th in Hungary in 2019 to a team that qualified third and fourth in 2020. We improved 3.1s, I believe, in lap time, just put that into perspective, and that’s down to the incredible job my dad’s done to give the tools to the incredibly talented people at the factory and everyone who works in this team.

“They did such a good job for years punching above their weight, now we can really move forwards, and it’s exciting times ahead of us – so hats off to Lawrence, it’s amazing.”

Stroll senior has backed his son’s talent – saying he “has world championship blood in him” – and the 22-year-old who took pole in Turkey last year has similar faith in his own potential.

“You’ve gotta believe it, I wouldn’t be here otherwise,” he said. “I just turned 22, so I have some time ahead of me. It comes down to a lot of things, learning from mistakes to gain experience, proving as a driver to be in the right car, all those things are critical.

“But it’s not the focus for this year, finishing third in the constructors’ championship would be great for the team. From my side, pushing to finish top five in the championship, that would be a great achievement. We sat fourth for a time last year, it goes to show that the potential is there if we just execute and focus on the job.”

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