NASCAR podcast: Bubba Wallace spotter Freddie Kraft

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NASCAR podcast: Bubba Wallace spotter Freddie Kraft


NASCAR podcast: Bubba Wallace spotter Freddie Kraft


Freddie Kraft is the spotter for Bubba Wallace in the NASCAR Cup Series and works with other drivers throughout a race weekend. Kraft joins The Racing Writer’s Podcast to share his plans for 2021 and tell stories from the spotter’s stand.

• Describing his relationship with Wallace and how they came to work together

• How a driver vets a spotter

• Drivers Kraft wouldn’t want to work with, and a dreadful season he had with Greg Biffle

• Defending your driver, but also being a critic and cheerleader

• If there was really any doubt about staying with Wallace this season and what he sees being built at 23XI Racing

• How things will change for Kraft is Wallace starts running up front around different drivers

• Be one of the co-hosts of ‘Door Bumper Clear’ and what is acceptable on that show

• If his podcast has affected his relationship with NASCAR officials

• The maddest he’s been on the spotter’s stand

• Decompressing after races

• Preparing to spot at new tracks this season

• Thoughts on grassroots racing and what NASCAR should be doing

• What he’s looking forward to in 2021

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