Extreme E unveils 'Command Center' TV studio

Extreme E unveils 'Command Center' TV studio

Extreme E

Extreme E unveils 'Command Center' TV studio


Extreme E has unveiled its ‘Command Center’; a re-imagination of the classic pit wall that will play a focal role in the live race broadcasts as a hub where key team figures will join together to watch events unfold and make strategic decisions.

The series has partnered with live event production specialists ADI on the concept, which is designed to help the fledgling all-electric off-road series achieve the look and feel of a state-of-the-art broadcast studio, despite the remote environments it travels to. The solution will feature 2mm indoor LED screens and LED lighting fixtures set around an arc-shaped desk that will host representatives from five teams during the race including drivers, team principals and engineers, who will have access to team radio, TV feed and telemetry.

“Think F1 pit wall unpacked but turned in on itself, and we are filming from the inside,” said Westbury Gillet, Director at Aurora Media Worldwide. “However, each team’s principal, driver and engineer will be all together in this one room, so they will be interacting.

“We’ve modified desks by bringing down the three monitors from the high position to a 45 degree angle, along with talkback panels. There will be a LED screen wall wrapped all around, which will house different content from the race. We will also have LED and strip lights to light up the teams and the architecture of the structure, so for example, if a team is using HyperDrive in the race, that teams desk will light up purple. In addition, there will be multiple remote cameras and microphones capturing the teams reactions, which will be broadcast live to viewers at home.”

Ali Russell, Chief Marketing Office at Extreme E, said: “The Command Center is something completely new, and another fantastic innovation from the Extreme E team. It’s a really exciting proposition for race fans who will get to follow all the action and drama through the key players as it unfolds.”

A dedicated ADI team will be on hand to manage and cue all audio, 4k video and lighting play-out inside the Command Center, utilizing a single software platform to run the show. ADI’s platform brings flexibility to the play-back, capable of supporting up to 40 layers of digital media across the fine pitch LED screens, and allows changes to the studio AV to be triggered by live action that happens during the race.

Extreme E’s first race is set to take place in Saudi Arabia (3-4 April), before heading to Senegal (29-30 May), Greenland (28-29 August), Brazil (23-24 October) and Patagonia (11-12 December).