Ferrari building Haas facility in Maranello

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Ferrari building Haas facility in Maranello

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Ferrari building Haas facility in Maranello


Ferrari will have a facility for Haas and other partner teams at Maranello to allow former employees to remain in the area when switching jobs.

Formula 1 teams will have to operate under a budget cap from 2021 onwards, starting at the figure of $145 million next year. As part of that, many of the bigger teams are having to reallocate staff. Ferrari are distributing personnel to Haas, but will provide them with a separate facility next to the Scuderia’s headquarters in Italy.

“They are customers, that’s the most straightforward and obvious thing,” Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto said. “We are supplying them with power units and gearboxes for the next seasons, as we did in the past. It’s a long time now that we’ve been supplying them, it’s a team that we know very well.

“What’s happening more in the future, simply, I think that some of our people will join their team. I think that’s a great opportunity for them because it will reinforce their technical organization. That was something that was necessary for us, because we had to reduce our organization to fulfill the limitations of the budget cap, but still Haas is a fully-independent team compared to Ferrari. It’s not a junior team and we are not exchanging information beyond what’s possible by the regulations, so it’s a completely different organization independent to Ferrari.

“But today if I have to reduce my organization, I’m certainly more happy to know that those guys are joining Haas and reinforcing their team instead of being simply on the market or available to whatever other teams. So that’s certainly the way we are looking at the collaborations.

“Those persons will be in Maranello in a completely separate building to Scuderia Ferrari, so they will not have access to the Scuderia Ferrari building. It is separate and they will remain in the area.”

With former Ferrari technical director Simone Resta’s move to Haas having already been announced, Binotto said there will be more personnel to follow who will strengthen the U.S. team moving forward.

“We tried to create new synergies with our customer teams looking to the future,” he said. “You have seen recently, for example, a technical senior person like Simone Resta has moved into the Haas organization [in] an important and significant role.

“He is not the only one who will move into the Haas organization. A few other technicians will move, reducing our organization which is required for the budget cap, but strengthening somehow the organization of our customers and I would say partner teams.”