Stroll under investigation, pole under threat

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Stroll under investigation, pole under threat

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Stroll under investigation, pole under threat


Lance Stroll’s maiden pole position is already under threat as he is under investigation for ignoring yellow flags in qualifying for the Turkish Grand Prix.

The Racing Point driver took a surprise pole in wet conditions, beating Max Verstappen with his final lap while teammate Sergio Perez qualified third. However, the stewards have summoned Stroll for “Allegedly non-respecting yellow flags at 16:48 at Turn 7,” with the incident relating to single waved yellow flags.

The yellow flags were waving because Stroll’s teammate Perez had gone off at Turn 7, and with it being a single waved yellow he was allowed to continue pushing once clear of the sector in question. Drivers are advised to abort their laps if they encounter double waved yellows during qualifying.

The stewards are also investigating a number of drivers who improved their lap times at the end of Q1, when double waved yellows were being shown at Turn 8 due to Nicholas Latifi spinning into the gravel. Lando Norris is the only driver to so far be summoned as a result.