PODCAST: Slugger Labbe

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PODCAST: Slugger Labbe


PODCAST: Slugger Labbe


Having put in over 30 years in the NASCAR garage, Slugger Labbe has stories and insight like no other. Take that he was in the bathroom when the call was made he and Michael Waltrip were the winners of the 2003 Daytona 500. Or how he painted the chassis of his car black for a night race and caused NASCAR to change a rule. How about the fake tungsten he put in Waltrip’s car to fool his competitors?

Labbe shared those stories and more this week on The Racing Writer’s Podcast. Plus, how the transition has been into his current role as the engineering manager for Toyota Racing.

–       Engineering from NASCAR he’s brought to NHRA

–       Learning a new job and a new sport

–       The process of Labbe getting comfortable in offering information to the NHRA teams

–       How he saw NASCAR differently after leaving the garage

–       How the crew chief role became more challenging through the years

–       Notable changes in the sport throughout his tenure

–       Being involved in the race that led to the lucky dog rule