Aurora, North One sign on as Extreme E host broadcasters

Charley Lopez

Aurora, North One sign on as Extreme E host broadcasters

Extreme E

Aurora, North One sign on as Extreme E host broadcasters


All3Media group companies Aurora Media Worldwide and North One have signed a multi-year deal to serve as host broadcasters for Extreme E.

Extreme E’s five remote race locations, which include desert, arctic, rainforest, glacier and coastal sites, will provide a stunning canvas for hybrid storytelling. A significant part of the broadcast will focus on the landscapes that have been damaged by environmental issues, allowing Extreme E to tell the stories of the global climate crisis.

The live racing from across the series’ five remote locations will be captured through a mix of track, on-board and live drone cameras and an innovative suite of data-driven AR and VR graphics.

The production will make use of advanced remote technology, minimizing on-site footprint with all shows, mastered in London, in real time, direct from all of the championship’s global locations.

“We had always thought that running the World Rally Championship and broadcasting from some of the most hostile environments on the planet would always be our toughest motorsport assignment,” said North One CEO Neil Duncanson. “We were wrong. Extreme E will take us all to a whole new level – in terms of the extreme locations we will visit, the cutting-edge production technology we will deploy and the array of content platforms we will serve. It is a hugely exciting proposition.”

Season 1 output will comprise over 30 hours of live race coverage plus highlights, and a 20-part supporting TV series, as well as the production of 300 short films for digital and social platforms, which chart the behind-the-scenes, sporting and climate change narrative of the championship.

St. Helena, the floating centerpiece of Extreme E that is tasked with carrying all the championship’s cargo, will also be home to a science laboratory to conduct research. A dedicated filmmaker will be embedded on-board to bring the scientific and environmental stories between races to life.

“As Extreme E is taking place in remote locations, with no fans on-site, our broadcast content is the primary window to our sport and is crucial to our success,” said Ali Russell, Extreme E Chief Marketing Officer.

“Aurora Media Worldwide and North One are trusted leaders in broadcasting and I know they will bring our unique motorsport adventure and our incredible locations to life in a way that inspires our fans in ways never seen before in motorsport.

“Whilst world-class sporting action will be at the core, our mission is to take our audiences on a journey that inspires each and every one of us to more closely consider the effect of our actions on the future of our planet, so our broadcast content will play a critical role in that goal.”

Extreme E is set to begin its inaugural season to start in early 2021, and will be broadcast in the U.S. and Canada on FOX Sports.