MX-5 Cup featured on YouTube's Genius Garage

MX-5 Cup featured on YouTube's Genius Garage

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MX-5 Cup featured on YouTube's Genius Garage


Racer, YouTuber and Genius Garage founder Casey Putsch got behind the wheel of a Global Mazda MX-5 Cup car prior to series Rounds 5/6 at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, and captured his experience in two videos posted to his YouTube channel.

At the invitation of series partner Flis Performance, Putsch joined the MX-5 Cup paddock for open testing on September 10 at the 2.258-mile road course. An experienced racing driver with previous Mid-Ohio experience, Putsch was able to get up to speed quickly in the Cup series ND.2 car.

Putsch’s YouTube channel aims to educate car enthusiasts and those wanting to break into the automotive and aerospace industries. His videos range from car maintenance and driving tips, to interviews with industry experts and trips to the race track with his Genius Garage team.

Putsch placed cameras in the car and a microphone in his helmet to capture his thoughts while lapping the circuit. He then sat down with Mazda test driver Andrew Carbonell to review his data.

In his review of the Global Mazda MX-5 Cup, Putsch highly recommended the series for a wide range of drivers thanks to car uniformity, reasonable budget and safety.

Putsch’s two videos documenting his MX-5 Cup experience are available now on his YouTube channel:

The Global Mazda MX-5 Cup series will be back in action at Mid-Ohio next week, Sept. 25-26.