Racing Point reprimanded over brake ducts

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Racing Point reprimanded over brake ducts

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Racing Point reprimanded over brake ducts


Racing Point has been reprimanded after the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix for using the same brake ducts that earned the team a penalty due to the design process.

Renault protested the brake ducts at the second round of the season in Austria, and the protest continued to be lodged in Hungary and last weekend at Silverstone until there was a final hearing last week. Racing Point was found guilty of breaking the sporting regulations by using Mercedes designs to copy the rear brake ducts from the W10 to use this season, and was penalized with a 15-point constructors’ championship deduction and severe fine.

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However, with the stewards deeming the infringement to be the design process itself and not the legality of the technical specifications of the brake ducts, it was made clear any future use of the parts in question would still constitute a breach of sporting regulations but that a reprimand would be a sufficient penalty.

As such, when Racing Point used the same brake ducts in the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix — finishing sixth with Lance Stroll and seventh with Nico Hulkenberg — the team was summoned to the stewards and given another reprimand.

“The stewards of the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix believe that is important for the orderly conduct of the sport that the interpretation of the regulations by the stewards be reasonably consistent,” the latest decision read. “The stewards therefore join the decision of the special panel of stewards (that ruled on the Renault protest) and incorporate herein by reference, their findings of fact, reasoning and the reasoning behind their choice of penalties.

“This present decision should be read as entirely consistent with and drawing the same conclusions as Decision Document 4 (incl. Doc. 5) of the special panel.”

The latest reprimand is the result of the technical delegate’s report and did not come about from a protest from any other team, with the same process set to continue at every race. There is no further punishment for multiple team reprimands.