Steiner wants Ferrari to look into engine deficit

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Steiner wants Ferrari to look into engine deficit

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Steiner wants Ferrari to look into engine deficit


Haas team principal Guenther Steiner wants Ferrari to look into the power unit deficit it faced at the first round of the season after struggling for pace at the Austrian Grand Prix.

All three Ferrari-powered teams were slower in qualifying at the Red Bull Ring this season than last year, with Alfa Romeo and Ferrari markedly down on pace. Although Haas was a little closer to its benchmark from 2019, Steiner admits there is a trend that needs investigating and is unsure if new fuel flow measuring regulations have had an impact.

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“I don’t know if it’s the fuel flow situation,” Steiner said. “For sure there is a common denominator which is the engine in these three cars going slower from last year in qualifying. As everybody saw… I think it was well-documented from some of you that it seems to be very strange, and I don’t really know.

“As you all know, I wasn’t involved with the engine last year and what happened at the end of the year, so I cannot comment on that one, but for sure we didn’t go any faster, and there were very few cars which went slower and most of them are with the Ferrari engine. So I think we need to look into it and see where we get with it. It’s more a question for Ferrari than for me.”

Race pace was more encouraging than qualifying, but both Haas cars retired with brake issues to cap a difficult weekend, and Steiner says his team did not realize how bad the situation was going to become when they started trying to address the overheating.

“The brake issue, I don’t know why it came up, we’re still investigating,” he said. “They overheated pretty early, but it was not at the level that you would say we would have to be… We needed to manage it to get to the end of the race, but we didn’t think that it was this dramatic that they would break or would not last. That’s what happened.

“They just wore out, and due to overheating. So we need to find out why we had all this overheating. We were pretty sure that we can survive, brakes are always an issue here but we didn’t expect it to be this big of an issue that we could not finish the race.

“There must be something to do with the correlation or something because we didn’t expect it. We were aware that we were running hot, but you need to run on the limit and we didn’t think we were this close to the limit or over the limit. For sure running under the same circumstances would help, because then you’ve got the actual data and the facts, otherwise it’s just a simulation. We need to look into why it didn’t match our simulations.”