Renault to carry out two-day test in Austria

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Renault to carry out two-day test in Austria

Formula 1

Renault to carry out two-day test in Austria


Renault will carry out a two-day test with an old car at the Red Bull Ring next week ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix.

Formula 1 will get its season underway with two races in Austria and one in Hungary on consecutive weekends, starting on July 5. With teams having been both in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic but also mandatory FIA shutdown until recently, the majority are carrying out some form of on-track testing where possible.

Teams have two promotional events they can use during a season with a current car, although these are limited to 100km, but have more flexibility when running a car that is at least two years old. Mercedes used a 2018 car at Silverstone this week and Ferrari also plans on using an old car to do some testing in Italy, but Renault has become the first team to confirm it will head abroad.

The team will use its 2018 car with Esteban Ocon driving on June 16 and Daniel Ricciardo on June 17, utilizing the venue that F1 will race at twice next month. The test is of particular significance due to the need for Renault to travel from its Enstone base in the United Kingdom through a number of European countries to get to Austria.

Aside from Renault, AlphaTauri is also planning a test with a 2018 car at Imola, with that running coming after the circuit confirmed it has had its FIA Grade 1 status renewed, allowing it to host F1.

Racing Point is the only team so far to opt to use a promotional day and run its current car, with Lance Stroll driving at Silverstone using the shorter National Circuit next week.