Podcast Interview: Steve Letarte

Image via NBC Sports

Podcast Interview: Steve Letarte


Podcast Interview: Steve Letarte


When NBC Sports begins its portion of the NASCAR season, Steve Letarte (at far right in photo above) will be in the broadcast booth for his sixth year as a member of the team. The former Hendrick Motorsports crew chief is still learning on the job but has found that time has flown by.

He joins The Racing Writer’s Podcast to discuss that and:

  • Doing remote ‘NASCAR America’ and iRacing broadcasts
  • Everyone in the broadcast booth keeping each other accountable
  • Letarte’s belief that a broadcaster cannot hide behind the camera with their opinion
  • Adapting to different booth setups and using the NBC pit box
  • The real reason he started his ‘Letarte on Location’ podcast
  • The appreciation Letarte has for what he accomplished as a crew chief the more removed from those years he gets
  • What has him intrigued for the 2020 season when racing resumes