Michael Andretti to take questions in RACER.com Guest Mailbag

Image by Levitt/Motorsport Images

Michael Andretti to take questions in RACER.com Guest Mailbag


Michael Andretti to take questions in RACER.com Guest Mailbag


It’s hard to introduce Michael Andretti without resorting to cliché. His record as a driver stands among the greatest in the history of U.S. open-wheel history, and much of that story was written during one of the sport’s golden eras. Throw Le Mans and F1 podiums into the mix for good measure.

That success has carried over into team ownership. Andretti Autosport is part of the bedrock of the IndyCar grid, and the growing collection of championships and Baby Borgs merely serves to cement its place as one of the sport’s greatest organizations. That’s before you consider all of the other categories that the team has raced in, or the who’s who of modern stars that have passed through the team’s ranks.

So there’s plenty a racing fan might want to ask him about – and here’s your chance to do so. We’re thrilled to welcome Michael up to the plate as the final guest in our first series of RACER.com Guest Mailbags.

As always, pretty much anything goes. (Including longstanding Mailbag chestnut Milwaukee, since Andretti not only won there multiple times, but his company later promoted the race). Please send your questions to guestmailbag@racer.com with ‘Michael Andretti’ in the subject line.

Questions are now closed for all other Guest Mailbags, and you can look forward to hearing from Rick Hendrick and Tony Kanaan in the very near future.

In keeping with the motorsport world’s recent embrace of virtual racing – and to perhaps light the fires of inspiration for those of you thinking about sending in some questions – we’ll sign off with this clip from the 1990 Nintendo classic Michael Andretti’s World GP.