Richard Childress auctioning Earnhardt car, other memorabilia for COVID-19 relief

Image by Bob Leverone/NASCAR

Richard Childress auctioning Earnhardt car, other memorabilia for COVID-19 relief


Richard Childress auctioning Earnhardt car, other memorabilia for COVID-19 relief


Richard Childress is auctioning off items from his personal collection to help those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and he knows what the key will be to raising a significant amount of money.

“I’m going to donate one of Dale Earnhardt’s original cars,” Childress told RACER. “(It’s) chassis number 22 that he raced. We’re going to donate it, and we’re trying to figure out how we can auction it or if someone wants to come up and start a bid at $250,000. It’s out of my personal collection of 44 cars.”

The car raced in the mid-1990s and comes complete with an engine. With the auction, it will be the first time that Childress has parted ways with an original Earnhardt car.

“I’ve got memories of every one of these cars,” said Childress, “but when I know the suffering that’s going on, it’s a small sacrifice on my part to part with one of these cars.”

The online auction was announced Thursday morning. All the items have been collected by the NASCAR Hall of Fame team owner through the years, and are said to be “rare, hard to find” and exclusive. Those interested can go to eBay and search under the Richard Childress Personal Collection to find the auction with new items being added periodically.

Of the die-cast items available, there are pre-production models that never became available. Childress also showed off some rare prototypes, such as a brushed metal No. 3 Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet that says “prototype” in the rear window.

One of the favorite pieces for Childress is a 1986 Wrangler Chevrolet die-cast. It was driven by Earnhardt and is notorious because Earnhardt hung out of the car while driving to brush off his dirty windshield.

“There are very, very few of these out there,” said Childress.

While there will be items from the Richard Childress Racing team drivers, there will also be memorabilia available not connected to RCR. Childress said his collection has a little bit of everything, including Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart items.

National and local first responders will benefit from the auction. A portion of the proceeds will also go to Feeding America, which is providing meals to children who are not in school and who also supports local food banks.

Childress also said they would be able to “buy equipment for first responders.”

“In our local area, we’ve got a lot of children that need to be fed, and a lot of people who are suffering,” he continued. “Any of these (items), I’ve enjoyed them for many, many years as my personal collection, now I can turn around and donate them to other folks for a great cause.

“I think with the race fans, and everyone out there understanding the cause and has wanted a little piece of history, and to be able to get a piece out of my personal collection, we’re hoping we can raise a lot of money for a great cause and share it nationally and locally.