Leclerc backs reverse-circuit races for F1 doubleheaders

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Leclerc backs reverse-circuit races for F1 doubleheaders

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Leclerc backs reverse-circuit races for F1 doubleheaders


Holding second races at the same Formula 1 venue but using the track in reverse would add excitement and level the playing field slightly among drivers, according to Charles Leclerc.

Silverstone (pictured above) has hinted at the possibility of looking at how it could run a different configuration — including driving the track in the opposite direction — in order to host multiple races at the same venue this season, in response to a dwindling F1 calendar. Using the same layout more for more than one race could benefit certain teams based on car characteristics, and while Leclerc believes that’s a small price to pay to hold more races, he is a fan of the idea of running tracks in reverse.

“I think you can always view the fairness but in the end we mostly need to try to make the most out of the situation,” Leclerc said. “If this means making us race at the same time twice on the same track, I think we should look also at this possibility to have the most races possible.

“I’ve seen something about doing races the other way around and I think that would be very, very cool. I think we would all rediscover the tracks and it would probably be very different car-wise, so this could be an interesting idea.”

While acknowledging the safety and logistical issues that would need to be overcome at many venues, Leclerc says running in the opposite direction would make for a totally new challenge at each circuit.

“We would definitely have to re-learn the track completely from scratch. I’ve done this in karting, to do one track in one way and then do it the other way, and in my experience you are just rediscovering another track. It’s definitely like you race on a new track.

“So it will make things exciting because the drivers with experience maybe will have a bit less knowledge about this track and everyone would start on a more par level. It would not change things significantly — I’m pretty sure Lewis (Hamilton) would still be the favorite — but I think it would be very exciting to do a track like Silverstone the other way around. To arrive so quickly at Becketts and then Maggots, it would be very exciting.”