Racing’s proof of life and promise of better days ahead

Image by Levitt/Motorsport Images

Racing’s proof of life and promise of better days ahead


Racing’s proof of life and promise of better days ahead


You are likely reading these words while at home as we all do our part to put the brakes on the coronavirus pandemic. Thank you to everyone that’s answered the call from our RACER team to tell the story of the impact this crisis is having on motorsports. All of us at Racer Media & Marketing are safe and healthy, and we wish the same for you and your family.

As we collectively face up to this moment, I’ll share news that should give those involved in motorsports cause for optimism. Based on RACER.‌com’s Google Analytics metrics from the first quarter of 2020, our audience is still growing despite the global lockdown. RACER.‌com’s readers are as engaged and passionate as they were before the postponement and cancellation of most live events in March. Here are some of the highlights:

On top of all this, RACER on Apple News saw an average of 117,942 monthly unique users during Q1 2020. This, along with RACER’s 500,000+ social media followers, generates on average 888,153 monthly user engagements, including more than 298,000 monthly shares of content directly from RACER.‌com.

The strong audience growth and engagement we saw in Q1 2020 is continuing into April despite the ongoing situation.

Adapting to an ever-changing environment

As leading sanctioning bodies and racing series quickly pivoted to Esports so did RACER.‌com by launching a dedicated Esports channel. We have long been advocates of Esports since our internal agency team worked with iRacing in 2007 to develop the pre-launch brand positioning for this leading auto racing simulation platform.

Continuing the Esports theme, our creative agency, RACER Studio, has collaborated with longtime client, Toyota Motor North America, to produce an inter-squad clash of Toyota drivers and personalities on Sony PlayStation’s Gran Turismo to see who can set the fastest lap in a Toyota GR Supra (image above). The challenge will rage throughout April on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Read all about it here.

In addition to expanded Esports coverage, our team is generating ongoing content about the impact of the pandemic on racing teams and related businesses. RACER.‌com’s editors are also collaborating with our friends at EPARTRADE to expand our coverage of the racing business community that is the foundation of the sport.

Our RACER team stands ready to provide content marketing services, social media amplification or organization of virtual events to support your business during these challenging times.

We are also adjusting the deadlines and issue cadence for RACERSportsCarand Vintage Motorsport magazines to better align with the projected arc of the pandemic and the eventual return to on-track activity. This will be covered in an upcoming email once the final details are resolved.

The bottom line is that there is still tremendous audience energy behind our sport. We believe that RACER.‌com metrics are proof of life for the motorsport industry during this difficult moment, and we know that we are all in this together. Our audience is your audience, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you believe our editors or our commercial team can help you and your company be ready for the reboot of the racing season and economy.


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