Behind the scenes with Tony Eury Jr. at FURY Race Cars

Behind the scenes with Tony Eury Jr. at FURY Race Cars


Behind the scenes with Tony Eury Jr. at FURY Race Cars


Asked how FURY Race Cars racked up 101 wins in 2019, Tony Eury Jr., responded. “I guess the easiest way to answer that is to say that we build a very good product; a high-quality product. We have a lot of guys working here who have worked on NASCAR Cup Series cars and Xfinity cars who have a lot of experience in racing.”

Described as the “winningest race car manufacturer in North America,” FURY Race Cars, established in 2016 and headquartered in Mooresville, N.C., designs and builds for NASCAR, ARCA, the Pro All-Stars Series, SCCA, CARS Tour, SRL Southwest Tour, and the Southern Super Series among others worldwide.

With the title of General Manager, race car chassis builder and former NASCAR crew chief Eury Jr. knows stock car racing inside and out. In fact, it’s a family tradition.

He explains the importance of acknowledging the company’s talent pool and the people who want to be associated with FURY Race Cars. “We have really good race car drivers and really good teams that we can communicate with and put them closer to a baseline or closer to where they need to be when they show up at the race track, which makes it a pretty easy weekend for them to stay on the right track. Anytime that your car unloads fast, you’ve got potential to win that weekend.”

Eury describes the philosophy guiding FURY Race cars as “building a very simple race car. All our cars are the same, and we try to keep things as consistent as possible.” FURY tries to have the same kind of baseline for every customer, which “keeps us on the same track to where we can make changes to the car, to the setup, and keep everyone on the same page of what we’re doing. We build a car that people can understand, so they can worry about the things they need to be worried about at the track, and not be searching for how to make the car go fast.”

In building cars that win races, Eury finds the biggest challenge to be cost. “You’re trying to build a car that is as competitive as what you would see in Cup, but keep in mind that we’re building them for the guys who race on Saturday nights. The biggest challenge is balancing the quality of car that we make, with making it affordable to local short track racers. We figure out how to do things for less without sacrificing quality.” The reason? “We do that so we can keep Saturday night racing alive, because if we don’t have the local short tracks, you can’t have the big series.”

Eury is also focused on educating the drivers and crew that buy FURY’s cars. “The guys who buy our cars become a part of the FaST Technical Alliance, which gives them access to us and our partners in the industry. Whether it’s AP, Five Star, Magnus, they are companies that believe in our company and help us test and validate things. Then we can bring what we learn into the car and we can set our customers up with exactly what they need to know.”

The company offers the FURY Setup Guide, a step-by-step guide that shows buyers “how you set the car up, how you take care of the car, what your Gale Force numbers are, what your ride heights are, how to set the rear-end housing, how to put the motor in, etc. There’s all these little technical things, questions people would call and ask you on a daily basis. We put those answers right in their hands so they can go step-by-step while preparing at the shop or take a quick glance at the track.”

Eury adds, “If you tear your car up and you need to know where to put a trailing arm or what length you need, you can do it very fast on jack stands. We tell you what you need to know so that you can get your car back on the race track, because we all know that laps on the track are the most important thing.”

The company has also recently produced a road course car. “We built the road course car, which we call the FURY Track Day Car or Model R, because Darius Grala is one of the owners of this company, and he has a very deep road course background. He always wanted to build a two-seater road course car, which allows us to take out customers and guests.”

FURY takes out drivers going to a road course for the first time, who want education on how to drive it; and with Max Papis, Kaz Grala part of their program, they can take kids to New Jersey Motorsports Park before their first ARCA East race. FURY can also just go have fun. “We had a day when we took all the guys’ wives and girlfriends in the shop just so they could understand what they’re putting their heart and soul into producing at FURY.”

FURY has also received customer interest from drivers who simply want a fun, easy-to-drive car to take to their racing club or compete with. “Our customers have won several races in those cars.”

Finding and keeping good technical staff is important to FURY Race Cars, which employs 17. “It’s just like any other business: it’s easy to keep people when you treat them with respect. The technically-skilled people are out there, once you find them, the relationship and the environment of the shop speaks for itself. It makes people come and want to work here.”

He explains that many talented people want to work at something more low-key that still has the same quality of work. “That’s what we are here.  But most importantly, how you treat employees dictates how long they’ll stay with you.”

FURY produces 70-80 cars annually, and its facility is currently 13,500-square-feet. An expansion is in the works to add 5,500-square-feet in April for a total 19,000-square-feet. “We can get anything done that we need to in that space,” he attests.

And there’s plenty to do, with FURY re-starting their in-house racing program, running several events with a house car. “We’ve got Natalie Decker in-house; we’re trying to do some training with her, help her career along.”

He adds, “FURY is constantly changing and updating safety features on our cars so that we can keep up with the times and keep these young drivers safe as they’re racing.”

Eury turns attention from FURY Race Cars to EPARTRADE itself, asking the article note EPARTRADE as a “great resource. We’ve all been to PRI, and this is basically your PRI online. It’s a really unique deal.”

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