INTERVIEW: Darian Sanayei

Image by Monster Energy

INTERVIEW: Darian Sanayei

Monroe, Washington local and world traveler Darian Sanayei had a fast one up his jersey sleeve last weekend. The MXGP MX2 racer was going to hop off the AMA Kicker Arenacross Series – a series in which he has been winning Pro Sport main events this winter – to make a one-off appearance at Saturday’s Monster Energy Supercross Series round in Indianapolis, Indiana. As we all now know, that just didn’t happen. Nonetheless, Sanayei has been a man on the move, hustling and networking in order to keep his career on the fast-track.

Q: Where and when exactly was the last supercross race you lined up for?

DARIAN SANAYEI: I tried to do the one in Arlington, Texas. I came up just short coming out of practice and qualifying for the top 18, so I had to go through the LCQ race. I was doing OK in that, and then I made a couple of mistakes in a couple corners to go and I ended up in a crash and not qualifying for the race. That sucked. That would have been my first supercross main. I believe that I could have been in the top 10, for sure.

Q: You’ve performed remarkably well in the AMA Kicker Arenacross series. How do you like Arenacross? It’s such frantic and abbreviated racing that I can’t help but think that it helps develop world-class racers such as yourself.

DS: Yeah, so the Arenacross is pretty different from what I am used to or was expecting coming into the season. After dislocating my shoulder in a race, I came back for the last two rounds of Arenacross and did pretty good, for the most part. I got a couple seconds and a couple firsts. It was cool to finally win something again. That felt good. It’s obviously not at as high of a level of supercross and the competition isn’t as high, but it still felt good to get out there and be able to get up front and get a win. The Arenacross racing definitely helps me and my racing. I would definitely a benefit for me and my racing in supercross. The aggression and the tighter racing all helps me.

Q: You raced in the Motocross World Championship in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Have you heard from anyone over there?

DS: I’ve kept a little bit of an eye on everything there, but [everything is] pretty much in full quarantine right now. It’s kind of crazy, and they’re cancelling races now and everything. I’m not going to focus too much on the GP stuff right now. I want to focus on getting better here and getting my skills and my endurance a little bit better for supercross.

Q: As far as 2020 and potential positions perhaps being available on race teams here in the U.S., have you been out there and networking?

DS: Yeah, definitely. I’m always trying to. You can’t bluff your skills and your results, so those are the most important things. Once you get that down then the networking part come into play.

Q: Has anyone reached out to you with any interest about 2020?

DS: No, nothing yet. We have to go make something happen and get at least one result, and then I’ll try to see what could happen. I would like to have something for the rest of the year, but it’s hard to say. I definitely want to have something for next year, though.

Q: How about the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship? Any potential work there?

DS: Yeah, I’ve definitely thought about it. I want to do it if I can. If I’m doing my own program, sort of like I’ve been doing in supercross, I think I’ll be able to do it and do all the races. If it comes down to that, I will just do a few of the nationals myself, but I’m hoping I can jump onto something. I just want to thank Babbitt’s Online and the whole Monster Energy Kawasaki team and Monster Energy, they’re my main sponsor. Atlas neck braces have helped me, so has Seven and Scott goggles. Dunlop is also helping me. I definitely would not be able to do tis without the help of these people and companies.

Q: Well, as we all are very aware, things change fast in this sport, so someone just might come knocking on your door here soon…

DS: Yeah, definitely. I’m not going to give up. This is what I want to do and what I’m still doing right now. I want to put everything I have into it and make it happen.