'Dumb moves being thrown out there' - Keselowski

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'Dumb moves being thrown out there' - Keselowski


'Dumb moves being thrown out there' - Keselowski


“Dumb” was Brad Keselowski’s word of the day.

In addition to using the word repeatedly after being wrecked out of the Busch Clash, Keselowski used it four times during one answer.

“Just got wrecked for no reason,” said Keselowski of the lap 67 accident with Kyle Busch and his Team Penske teammate Joey Logano. “Just dumb, dumb racing. Just dumb moves being thrown out there, guys that don’t know what they’re doing so they throw crazy-ass blocks, and it’s just ridiculous. We shouldn’t be wrecking all these cars.

“This is just dumb. We had a good race car. The MoneyLion Ford was capable of winning the race, led a lot of the race, we were in position to finish it off, and we got destroyed for no reason.”

Keselowski was running in the high lane when Logano and Kyle Busch bounced off each other in Turn 4 and then came up the track to collect him in the wreck. Logano blocked one run Busch had that moved them both up the track before Busch dove low, and the two made door-to-door contact to trigger the accident.

Upon exiting his car, Keselowski tossed some of his equipment into the cockpit and threw his hands up. Before climbing into the ambulance for the mandatory ride to the infield care center, Keselowski used both hands to bang on the side of the vehicle.

“You’d think these guys would be smarter than that,” Keselowski said of the racing. “Look, we all cause wrecks; I get in wrecks all the time, and I cause them. But the same one over and over again? It’s the same thing: Somebody throws a stupid block that’s never going to work; wrecks half the field then goes (shrug). I don’t know – maybe we need to take the helmets out of these cars and take the seatbelts out so somebody will get hurt; then they’ll stop driving like (expletives).

“We’ll figure it out, I guess.”

Keselowski didn’t hide the fact that his comments were pointed toward his teammate.

“It was just a dumb move,” he said. “There was no reason to make that move. It was never going to work, and it didn’t. Here were are. We are wrecked out of the race, and now a Ford isn’t going to win, most likely, and a Toyota is. It was just dumb to take out the best car for a move that was never going to work.”

Logano didn’t deny making the blocks on Busch.

“I blocked it to the bottom. I blocked it back to the top,” he said. “I thought I did a good job blocking, and he just got to the inside of me, and there really wasn’t a hole there, and he just hooked me around.”

Told of Keselowski’s comments, Logano said they get along fine, and he doesn’t think Keselowski is mad at him.

“Apparently, we all suck at this because there are only like three cars left right now,” Logano also said. “So, I wouldn’t say anyone is really good.”

Keselowski said he would “worry about that later” when asked if he was going to talk to his teammate because he was going to Disney World. Logano joked that maybe the two would run into each other there since he is also making a Disney trip.

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