Japanese Mastery – a Mazda Known By...

Japanese Mastery – a Mazda Known By...

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Japanese Mastery – a Mazda Known By...


In Japanese culture, “Takumi” is the term used to describe a master artisan – someone who has dedicated his or her life to the mastery of a skill. Mazda celebrates Japanese Mastery in how it builds cars using experts in clay modelling, painting or stitching to deliver quality products that have an emotional thread connecting the craftsman or woman who built it and the consumer who owns and uses it.

Similarly, motorsports is an environment where masters of specific skills are the stars of the sport – be they drivers, engineers, fabricators or photographers. The idea of dedicating one’s professional life to one’s skill is not only common but necessary in a demanding environment such as motorsports.

Throughout Mazda Motorsports’ programs, these master craftsmen and women are bringing their unique skills and experience to bear by delivering experiences and results to an audience who are passionate and engaged in the sport and the outcomes.

While drivers are the easy example here – many having started racing when they were pre-teens and worked their entire lives to climb the ranks to where they are now – it is important to also recognize others within motorsports who have shown the same dedication to their chosen craft.

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