Starting out in race cars – stepping stones

Starting out in race cars – stepping stones

Mazda Motorsports

Starting out in race cars – stepping stones


By Mazda Factory Race Driver Tom Long:

Recently I was at Road Atlanta helping an up-and-coming racer who I was with for the first time, although I’ve enjoyed working with his dad several times in the past!

Ryan is 15 years old age with a lot of go-kart racing experience. He had just received his car racing license and has been trying to figure out his best path up the motorsports ladder. We had several discussions in which we weighed the pros and cons of his various options, but we knew that the first objective was to obtain seat time in cars any way he can get it.

One of those opportunities came at Road Atlanta, where I helped Ryan get more comfortable with driving cars in general. I also helped him learn Road Atlanta and all of its challenging nuances.

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