Earning racing scholarships

Earning racing scholarships

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Earning racing scholarships


After only three years of motorsport competition, Team USA Scholarship racer and Mazda Road to 24 Shootout finalist Aaron Jeansonne has already proven he can find the final tenth on the track. Competing against the best, and having confidence in yourself, are prerequisites.

And due to Aaron’s rapid climb to success, and path, we turned to him to share a little about his background, and how he plans to continue to succeed in our beloved sport.

By Aaron Jeansonne:

I’m fortunate to be able to say I’ve accomplished more in the past three years than anyone expected, except perhaps myself. And these accomplishments have allowed me to go far more places than most people where I’m from.

Being raised in a working-class home with a single father, things never came easy. I learned I had to work hard for what I wanted in life.

Confidence is a requirement to succeed in this sport. Of any attribute, the most important that I possess is the pure belief I have had in myself since childhood. Though, it was not until age 18 that I was able to test and develop my confidence in myself behind the wheel and on a real race track. Growing up, I did not have the capital to race in karts, so I spent my time going to school, racing on simulators, and working to save money to one day get on a real racetrack.

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