RACER.com’s record audience growth in 2019 is accelerating into 2020

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RACER.com’s record audience growth in 2019 is accelerating into 2020


RACER.com’s record audience growth in 2019 is accelerating into 2020


As we roll into the 2020 season that sees a change in ownership at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the NTT IndyCar Series, plus a new leader at IMSA, all of us at RACER are bullish on the future of our sport. RACER.com begins its 23rd year and RACER Magazine will celebrate its 28th Anniversary in 2020 with a tailwind from our record-setting 2019. We experienced record year-over-year growth in the audience for RACER.com due to major improvements in our site, which is hosted by USA Today Sports Media Group, and increasing interest in the racing categories that we cover better than anyone else. The metrics shown below underscore that people with a deep passion for motorsports are choosing to make RACER part of their daily life — not just during racing season.

RACER.com 2019 vs 2018:

Unique Users: 4,575,502 vs 3,168,834 – up by 1,406,668 (+44.39%)

Sessions: 15,952,532 vs 12,525,460 – up by 3,427,072 (+27.36%)

Page Views: 30,644,323 vs 27,344,805 – up by 3,427,072 (+12.07%)

During 2019 users from the United States and Canada accounted for 93.43% of our annual audience versus 86.82% in 2018. Following are the Top-10 states for RACER.com unique users in 2019:

1. California: 520,738 (+62.19%)

2. Illinois: 388,797 (+112.46%)

3. Indiana: 294,392 (+43.80%)

4. Florida: 293,683 (+55.63%)

5. New York: 280,781 (+93.59%)

6. Texas: 259,666 (+56.34%)

7. North Carolina: 186,274 (+70.69%)

8. Ohio: 176,963 (+44.11%)

9. Pennsylvania: 162,601 (+38.41%)

10. Georgia: 149,874 (+39.81%)

While our success in 2019 is worth noting and celebrating, this stunning growth continues into 2020 with eye-popping metrics for the first seven days of 2020 versus the same period in 2019.

January 1-7 2020 vs January 1-7 2019:

Unique Users: 191,787 vs 93,077 – up by 98,710 (+106.05%)

Sessions: 340,135 vs 199,275 – up by 140,860 (+70.69%)

Page Views: 614,764 vs 411,192 – up by 203,572 (+49.51%)

We have invested heavily in expanding the audience for RACER since reacquiring the company in 2012. We invite you take advantage of our efforts to attract and engage performance-minded enthusiasts who spend time and money to feed their passion. For more insights from our 2020 RACER Audience survey click here. To learn more about our family of RACER media properties click here. If you would like to know more about Racer Studio agency and our content creation and creative services please click here.

Thank you to all of loyal RACER readers, advertisers and series partners for their continued support. Please reach out to me or our RACER sales team listed below if you have any questions or interest learning more about our growth.

Paul Pfanner

Founder and Executive Publisher