WEC’s Brazilian round at risk

Image by Jacob Ebrey/LAT

WEC’s Brazilian round at risk

Le Mans/WEC

WEC’s Brazilian round at risk


The FIA World Endurance Championship has briefed its competing teams that a change of venue for five of the current 2019/20 season is under consideration.

The race, planned for Interlagos in Sao Paulo, Brazil on February 1, has been put at risk after as-yet-undisclosed issues, reportedly surrounding the local race organizers, came to light.

While the series is currently working with the organizers to overcome the issues, it is also developing alternatives. A number of potential venues served by existing shipping routes from the previous race on the calendar — the December 14 event in Bahrain — are under varying degrees of consideration. These are believed to include previous WEC venues Circuit of The Americas and Mexico City, as well as South Africa’s Kyalami circuit.

A final decision on whether the Interlagos race will go ahead and if not, which alternative will be chosen, is expected to be taken within the next two weeks.