Mayor issues veto to try and rescue Miami F1 race

Mayor issues veto to try and rescue Miami F1 race

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Mayor issues veto to try and rescue Miami F1 race


The mayor of Miami-Dade County, Carlos Gimenez, has issued a rare veto in an attempt to help rescue plans for a Formula 1 race in Miami that have come up against local opposition.

The proposed race would be held around Hard Rock Stadium but has been opposed by some residents of Miami Gardens, with Barbara Jordan — county commissioner for Miami Gardens — producing two roadblocks to the event last week. One resolution gives commissioners the power to prohibit road closures related to racing events near or in residential areas, and the other was an ordinance to give Miami Gardens residents a public hearing on races proposed in the Hard Rock Stadium’s district.

Gimenez has now used his mayoral veto as he wants to give opponents more time to try and reach a compromise with Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, who is working to bring the race to Miami. With the first race scheduled for 2021, Giminez is quoted in the Miami Herald as saying it was “premature to attempt to block an event of the magnitude of Formula 1 outright.

“I remain committed to respecting the residents of Miami Gardens, and I remain committed to finding a way to bring this world-class event to our community,” Gimenez added.

The mayoral veto can be overruled if there are nine votes against Gimenez, but with the passing of the road closures resolution currently standing at 8-5 it would need a commissioner who voted against the resolution to switch sides.

F1 had initially targeted a race in downtown Miami but changed its plans due to opposition from businesses and residents, agreeing a deal to race around Hard Rock Stadium in early October.

Bobby Epstein, the chairman of Circuit of The Americas — the current home of the only F1 race in the United States — last weekend claimed the location of the Miami race could be damaging for the sport’s image.