Williams ‘delighted’ with 2021 regulations

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Williams ‘delighted’ with 2021 regulations

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Williams ‘delighted’ with 2021 regulations


Claire Williams says her team is “delighted” with the 2021 regulations that were announced last week in Austin, as they provide the chance of a brighter future for the smaller teams.

New technical, sporting and financial regulations were approved by the World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) last week after months of negotiations and development, providing a clear direction for the sport’s future. Part of those regulations include a cost cap for the first time — initially at $175 million per year — and the Williams deputy team principal says it is the financial restrictions that are of most importance for her team at this stage.

“I think from a Williams perspective we’re delighted that that new regulations were approved by the World Motor Sport Council,” Williams said. “They’re everything that we’ve wanted to see from the various perspectives, whether they be technical and most clearly the financial regulations that are coming on board for 2021 are exactly where we wanted to be.

“We understand that they’re a first step; moving forward but they’re certainly a right step in the direction that we wanted to ensure that the sport — but also teams like ours — remain sustainable for the future. I think we’re all very aware of how unsustainable at the moment Formula 1 is from a cost perspective. So, to have a level of cost-capping at this first juncture is really important to teams like ours. I don’t think that can be underestimated.

“The technical regulations as well are a step in the right direction. I think there’s probably some tweaking to do — but I think certainly as a first step they’re exactly what we wanted to see.”

Williams added that she is not concerned by any areas that might still need addressing in the regulations, given the amount of work that has already been done ahead of 2021.

“I don’t think there are any red flags in there. I would also probably say use of the word ‘immature’ would be slightly unfair to the countless people that have put a huge amount of effort into these regulations on the side of the FIA and F1.

“A lot of people have been involved and a lot of people have spent many, many hours making sure that these regulations are in the best possible place that they can be up until this point. And I agree with everyone else that there is just some tweaking that needs to be done to them.”

Williams finished bottom of the constructors’ championship last season and is again in the same position this year, with just a solitary point to its name.