Kubica keeps point as Alfa’s German GP appeal fails

Image by Andy Hone/LAT

Kubica keeps point as Alfa’s German GP appeal fails

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Kubica keeps point as Alfa’s German GP appeal fails


Robert Kubica and Williams have retained their championship point scored at the German Grand Prix after Alfa Romeo’s appeal against its penalties in the same race was deemed not admissible.

Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi had finished seventh and eighth respectively in the chaotic race at Hockenheim, but were later hit by 30-second time penalties after being investigated for an irregularity relating to “clutch torque application during race starts.” It transpired that the time for the actual torque in the clutch to match with the torque demand as the driver releases the clutch was outside of the required limits.

At the race, the stewards found that the time for the torque to match with the driver’s demands took close to 200 milliseconds on one car and 300 milliseconds on the other — above the 70 milliseconds permitted and potentially providing an advantage from smoother torque application in wet conditions.

Alfa Romeo argued at the time that this occurred due to the team setting the wrong parameters for the conditions given the fact that no practice starts in the wet had been possible. While the stewards accepted that, they stated no other team suffered the same issue and that the obligation to meet the requirements is irrespective of the climactic conditions.

Alfa immediately registered its intention to appeal, with the hearing with the FIA’s International Court of Appeal taking place today in Paris. However, the protest was deemed not admissible, meaning Kubica retains the 10th place he achieved — giving Williams its only point of the season to date — and Lewis Hamilton keeps the two points he scored after being promoted to ninth.