Elevating the third-generation MX-5

Elevating the third-generation MX-5

Mazda Motorsports

Elevating the third-generation MX-5


The NC Miata could be the ideal solution for club racers

The latest generation of Miata, the ND, is still gaining steam; it’s extremely popular in autocross, and nearly 200 Global MX-5 Cup cars have been produced. The first generations of Miata, the NA and NB, are probably the most raced models of car worldwide, and Spec Miata remains one of the most popular classes in SCCA and NASA. Meanwhile, the third-generation MX-5, the NC, hasn’t seemed to achieve that level of popularity among racers. But that’s about to change.

The first iteration of MX-5 Cup was popular, and many cars were built for the class. The NC has won championships in Pirelli World Challenge Touring Car and TCA. Danny Bender won the 2014 Touring 4 national championship in SCCA club racing with an NC, and Danny Steyn is the most recent SCCA national champion in an NC, having won the 2018 SCCA Super Touring Lite title. On top of that, the Spec MX-5 Challenge series had a successful first season in 2018 and is growing for the coming race season. The heart of the NC, the MZR engine, powers everything from SCCA Formula Enterprises 2 and Prototype racers up to (in turbocharged MZR-R) form, Indy Lights cars and Mazda’s RT24-P Daytona Prototype International car. With all of that, though, there are a lot of NC-based racecars sitting idle.

Consequently, Mazda Motorsports sees an opportunity to get more NCs on track with a national spec class based on the third-generation platform, although it should be noted that the idea is to supplement – not replace – Spec Miata.

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