Juncos pushes for sponsors as 2019 plans stay fluid

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Juncos pushes for sponsors as 2019 plans stay fluid


Juncos pushes for sponsors as 2019 plans stay fluid


Ricardo Juncos has two Dallara-Chevys built to the latest universal aero kit specification sitting ready in his Speedway shop. The Argentinean team owner also has two or more vacancies to fill with those DW12s as the Indiana-based IndyCar outfit prepares for its third season in the series.

Juncos fielded entries for a trio of rookies last year as 2017 Indy Lights champion Kyle Kaiser from California, Rene Binder from Austria, and Alfonso Celis Jr. from Mexico comprised a multi-national lineup sharing the No. 32 Chevy. Juncos says talks are ongoing to have some of his 2018 roster return for select rounds, but as a whole, most of the calendar remains open and only the Indy 500 is looking realistic at the point.

“We have the second car ready now to go and we are talking to few drivers to do the Indy 500 in that car,” Juncos told RACER. “That’s obviously preferred and probably will happen. I want to be there with two cars, so we see. But we don’t know that yet. We still need to work on it. And then decide who’s gonna be the drivers.”

With almost the entire grid completed by mid-December, Juncos and Carlin Racing are the only teams left with seats to secure. While it might appear to place those programs in an advantageous position as gatekeepers holding the final access points to the series, Juncos is waiting to be flooded with inquiries from funded drivers seeking a home in IndyCar.

“There are some drivers calling, but no money, so, that’s the biggest problem, right?” he said. “I need to find the sponsors, otherwise it’s going to be hard for me. It’s hard to find a driver with the money, so, I have to find sponsors. That’s where I am trapped.

“So at the moment, we are going to keep pushing for sponsors, that’s the only we can do and try to see what type of team I can bring to the Indy 500. I can’t say if we will do more races than that right now. I know it is good with cars, and it’s going to be a lot more than 33 [entries] there, but I feel confident that we can have a very solid Indy 500.”

Juncos has a few months to see if he’ll be able to do more races than Indy.

“Rene Binder, there is a really good relationship with him, and Kyle Kaiser is looking for sponsors as well, but it’s difficult,” he said, while noting both drivers will compete in the new Juncos Racing Cadillac DPi at Daytona in January.

“I will help Kyle along if I can; we’ve been working together for many, many years. But we’re still early, right? There’s time to make some things happen in IndyCar. Maybe more drivers from Europe are looking here. We will have to wait.”