Dwyer races to remember

Dwyer races to remember

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Dwyer races to remember


Former Marine Staff Sgt. Liam Dwyer knows how to win. He won a Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge Street Tuner race with Tom Long on Memorial Day weekend in 2014 and another the following season with Andrew Carbonell at Laguna Seca. But his latest race wasn’t so much about winning as it was about healing.

“The Race of Remembrance has brought a lot of memories back to me and honestly changed who I am a little bit,” says Dwyer, who lost a leg and suffered multiple other injuries in an improvised explosive device attack in Afghanistan. “It’s not about racing, it’s about remembering those who have served and using racing as a tool to help with your recovery. I went over there with Operation Motorsport, with a bunch of other veterans from Canada and Great Britain and the United States, to team build and use this race as a way to help us recover.”

The endurance race, which was run Nov. 10-11, is put on by UK organization Mission Motorsport. It’s a 12-hour race broken up into segments. Six hours on Saturday – “1,500 hours to 2,100 hours,” as Dwyer frames it – then restarted at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 11 – Veterans Day in the U.S., Armistice Day in Europe, and the anniversary of the day that World War I ended – then stopped again at 10:45.

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