Wallace defends RPM after brake issue leads to DNF

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Wallace defends RPM after brake issue leads to DNF


Wallace defends RPM after brake issue leads to DNF


Bubba Wallace is defending his Richard Petty Motorsports team after a third perceived brake failure ended the No. 43 Chevy’s day after just 164 laps.

Toward the end of Stage 2, Wallace reported that the pedal went to the floor. The team went over the wall at the stage break to take a look, Wallace went back out before a fire broke out. RPM took the car to the garage and diagnosed the issue not as a brake issue, but a failed right front hub that caused the brakes to fail.

Having had two high-speed crashes in recent weeks — starting with a vicious impact Aug. 3 at Pocono that left him shaken but not badly injured and what felt like déjà vu a few weeks later at Indianapolis — Wallace took issue with critics, taking to social media to set the record straight.

“To all the people saying we need new people running RPM, go play tiddly winks,” he began. “All 3 times we have had brake issues has been from 3 different issues. It’s racing, s*** happens. To point the blame at people is not the way to handle it.

“My team and I are unfortunately going thru a rough patch. Again that’s racing. Nobody is quitting nobody is giving up. We will lift each other up for these last 9 races to get it back on track! Couldn’t be more excited for RIR, just hope I have brakes.”

Wallace finished 38th in Sunday’s South Point 400.

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