DiBenedetto says split with Go Fas ‘risky’ but necessary

Images by Nigel Kinrade/LAT

DiBenedetto says split with Go Fas ‘risky’ but necessary


DiBenedetto says split with Go Fas ‘risky’ but necessary


Matt DiBenedetto has no new job lined up for next season despite deciding to split with Go Fas Racing after two years together.

“Maybe,” DiBenedetto laughed Saturday about being crazy to do such a thing. “Definitely a good possibility. Bold move, for sure. It was definitely a decision that I had to talk to my wife about extensively to make sure all parties were on board first because it’s definitely not the easiest of decisions to make.

“It’s risky. But I think one that is completely necessary, especially watching other people that have done similar things.”

DiBenedetto referenced Alex Bowman, Ryan Preece, and Ross Chastain as his examples to follow. All three drivers went from mediocre equipment to proving their worth when given the opportunity in a better seat. Bowman landed a full-time ride with Hendrick Motorsports, Preece has won Xfinity Series races for Joe Gibbs, and recently it was Ross Chastain impressing in a Chip Ganassi car.

To show folks how serious he is and what he’s willing to do about accomplishing the same, DiBenedetto felt he needed to make himself available by stepping out of the No. 32 Ford. However, DiBenedetto admitted it was about a week and a half ago when he finally woke one morning with clarity about his situation.

“I thought about it and my team, obviously, needed to know a direction at some point for their sake, and I needed to figure out a direction because it’s that time of year,” DiBenedetto said. “People know that we as a team, Go Fas, we make the most out of our cars and things like that, but at the end of the day, you’ve got to really showcase what you can do, and that’s in top-notch equipment.”

With the future uncertain, DiBenedetto wants this to be a positive adventure and not one where the perception is he’s taking a step back crying and begging for a ride. Don’t feel bad for him, he said. Making this decision, which he again called risky, was about demonstrating his determination to advance his career, he emphasized.

“I want people to know how serious I am about being fully committed to winning and continuing my journey to winning races, and hopefully, championships in the Cup Series at the end of the day,” DiBenedetto said. “Whatever that entails, I’m willing to do.”

The opportunity does not have to be in the Cup Series, though. DiBenedetto said he is open to a good ride in any series.

“Whether a more funded Cup ride comes about or a winning Xfinity ride comes about, whatever that step forward may be, yeah, I’m opening to a lot of things,” he said.