RACER.com breaks all-time traffic record in August

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RACER.com breaks all-time traffic record in August


RACER.com breaks all-time traffic record in August


The growth trajectory for RACER.com continues to ascend ever higher with August 2018 now ranking as the most trafficked month in its history.

Over the 31 days of August, 428,798 visitors came to the site, marking a 35% increase over the same period of 2017. As expected, user sessions also jumped 35% to reach 1.36 million during which 3,133,603 pages were viewed (+36%). According to Google Analytics, 321,629 users were classified as new – a 40% increase over August of last year.

Traffic was primarily driven by users in the United States and Canada, who, combined, made up 94% of all users followed by Australia, New Zealand and Brazil. U.S. traffic grew by 58% over the same period in 2017.

Thirty-six percent of the traffic came directly to RACER.com, which was boosted by a 25% organic search rate, followed by 18% being referred from social media activity.

Notably absent from these numbers are site users from the European Union, who are still not being counted due to ongoing issues with the new E.U. privacy laws. Based on last year’s E.U. traffic numbers, prior to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance requirements, it’s estimated that overall site traffic would be a further 11% higher than what is currently recorded.

Overall for 2018, RACER.com served over 8.6 million user sessions to over 2.8 million users for an average of 2.4 million page views per month.


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